And is gone

And i had like 625 friends on facebook, and then i received the message, that they got to check my account, i uploaded at first my own picture and did get around 250 friends.

I added a nice picture from a woman and received allot more friends 🙂

But im not sure but also created a page on facebook called World blackout. i do not know if it is the picture of the nice woman and that some one complaint that i did’t want a date with him, or i was just the page that cause the check. But i uploaded with the check my real photo so we will see what will happen.

O yes 2 persons did donate. you still can donate if you want

But i told the truth that i was busy with a social experiment and was adding random people on Facebook to check if they are willing to donate to a stranger. i did not made a story just up straight the truth.

But i will wait what facebook will report back, i hope i will not loose my account. because i was very busy with it the last 2 days 🙂


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